Quality Australian-Made
Gate Opener Motors


Q. How does a remote control on a gate actually work?

By using a remote control handset or keypad, you can trigger the gate to open and close by a touch of a button.

Q. Is it possible to automate existing gates?

Definitely. For information on specific systems and pricing, please contact Dean on 0409 996 936.

Q. Why should I have my gate automated?

The benefits of an automated gate are numerous - some of the main advantages people find include:

  • at the touch of a button you can open your gate and drive into your home without exiting your car. This way, you'll stay warm and dry on those cold and wet nights
  • extra security from intruders and "unwanted guests"

Q. From what sorts of gate designs am I able to choose?

All our gates are custom made and can be tailored to your individual design and requirements, however with the Wrought Iron gates, there is a range of 73 Dulux colours from which you are able to choose.

Q. How long does it take to have a gate made and installed?

Approximately three to six weeks, depending on the style of your desired gate.

Q. From what types of timber may I choose?

The main types of timber we use are Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Queensland Hardwood, Pine and Western Red Cedar.

Q. What happens if there is a power failure? Can I still open the gates?

Yes. Some systems come with a battery back up and others have a simple key release.

Q. Is it possible to fit an automated gate to a sloping driveway?

Yes, in most cases. Sliding gates are generally the best solution. A simple site inspection can confirm this.

Q. Is a matching driveway gate, pedestrian gate and fence able to be made?


Q. Can you also install an intercom system?

Yes. We have a range of models to just one or multiple points in your home. All handsets have a button to activate the gates.

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